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If you have landed on this site, you are maybe wondering if it is just another miracle solution to make you a sales person, and frankly you’ve tried that and you’re not, you are an expert in your field but that field just isn’t sales. Well we’re different. Life’s a Peach is not about making you something you are not, it’s not about hackneyed phrases like ‘it’s a numbers game’ and ‘always be closing’ or about wearing down your prospects until they sign to get you out of the door.

No Life’s a Peach is about one simple premise: Helping you put your customers in a position to buy from you.

Interested, read on, you can see how we can work with you and your team to grow your business, how we can imbed someone in your business to deliver solutions , or take up a free 1/2 hour meeting to decide if our sales coaching is what will work best for you.




A selection of comments from Life’s a Peach Director, Martin Connor’s, Linked In profile.

Things are now much clearer and with achievable goals. I’ve now put in place a clever, creative and concise way. forward – which importantly, is starting to work.

He has helped me to identify my target market; identify and approach potential clients and helped me to define my USP.

He has already paid for himself twice over

Martin is VERY creative, a superb communicator and is someone we love working with!

Has a relaxed way of training that enables you to think creatively and come up with the best way to implement the theory into your business.

We needed to transform the way we approached sales, with his help we now have a clear procedures how to approach, engage and close deals.

In tough times like these being able to more proactively guide any new opportunity into the safe harbour of being a client rather than relying just on your own experience has got to be a wise decision.



Martins sales tip’s

Without taking risks you can never achieve results, almost all winners have been and will be losers

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