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outdoor workingMany businesses find summer a quiet time, with some people on holiday, a bit of a penchant for taking shorter days when the sun is shining and others covering for absent workers it can be a little harder to find new business and get in front of decision makers. If your business suffers from this the summer is the time to make the plans to be able to make sure that you are fastest off the block in the autumn.

Some ideas that may be useful:

  1. Review and update your prospect list. Make sure you have the companies you can offer the best solution to on your list, be ruthless remove those who will never buy and replace with those you can sell to
  2. Connect on LinkedIn with your prospects. A great way to remain on the radar and to find out more about them.
  3. Research. The more you know about your prospects and customer the more you can offer them, sometimes you can show the value you can add just by being better informed.
  4. Free stuff. Try and avoid copping out by just sending branded merchandise (although this is often gratefully received) and be thoughtful a well presented document about the pit falls some of your customers have experienced and how to avoid them is far more powerful .

There are many more ways to put in the groundwork, the challenge is sometimes to remain motivated to do so especially when the sun is shining, so set your self SMART targets and review.

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