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business-idea-534228_640You set up your business because are an expert in what you do, but it isn’t that simple, many business owners find that the reality is that running a business gets in the way of doing what they are good at. There are many ways to outsource the jobs you are less talented at, you can always find a virtual admin assistant, bookkeeper or HR advisor, but what about business development?

Finding new customers is a mixture of finding the right mix to reach out to them, a mix of good old fashioned techniques like cold calling, networking and door knocking, new techniques like social media, promotions and events. But knowing which to do, when to do it, and how to action the ideas, can be a huge challenge. That is where Life’s a Peach comes in. Life’s a Peach will help identify your ideal customer, plan a process to reach out to them, action that process and review.

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Martins sales tip’s

Without taking risks you can never achieve results, almost all winners have been and will be losers

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