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There are many ways to reach out to potential customers, and with the growth of social media it is easy to waste significant amounts of time on trying to get to grips with staying up to date and front of mind on the various platforms. Linkedin is possibly the most important platform for reaching business people, and with over 150 million subscribers, it is the platform that offers the best opportunities for reaching out to business people. However, in today’s busy lifestyles it is hard to set aside time to learn how to get the best form Linkedin and to make the updates at the best time and in the most efficient manner, so Life’s a Peach has designed a system to do that for you, with 3 affordable levels:


If you know what you want to say but want someone to post those updates, seek appropriate connections and respond to incoming requests then the Reactive service is perfect for you. This service offers up to 4 updates/responses to requests per week, we don’t offer advice or seek out updates, the service is just responding to your requests

£25 plus VAT per month


If you want a little more help, if you know basically how you want to be presented, have some ideas as to what to send, but want a little advice, some prompts and maybe some ideas as to what to say and how to say it then the Proactive service would be more appropriate to your needs.

We will still update your profile up to 4 times per week, but spend some time seeking updates and making suggestions, offering up to 2 suggestions per week and up to 4 updates per week.

£50 plus VAT per month

Full management

If you are looking for someone to take over your account, to stay on top of the process and seek out opportunities then this service is for you. We will spend ½ hour per week managing your account, accepting connections, making requests and requesting recommendations, posting on forums etc. We will work with you to set the purpose of your presence on Linkedin, your targets, your ideal customer and those you wish to create strategic alliances. Over time we will work towards Linkedin becoming a important weapon in your customer acquisition arsenal.
£100 plus VAT per month

Corporate Clients

Often as a senior management group, or board of directors you may want to create an image on Linkedin and have the same updates broadcast across all your profiles. In that instance we have a solution. Essentially this is adding extra Reactive  solutions, however, once the first account is set up additional accounts will be charged as follows:

Additional account              Price per account pcm (plus VAT)

2nd                                           £12.50

3rd                                            £10.00

4th                                            £7.50

5th                                            £5.00

6th                                            £2.50

7th and subsequent                    £1.50

If you require one of the more involved services offered to multiple members of the same organisation then discounts will apply, however it depends on the level of replication, and how much individual focus is required. Please get in touch for a bespoke solution.

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