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LinkedIn is one of the most underutilised sources of potential customers there are over 220 million users worldwide and all use LinkedIn to do business. The biggest challenge is where to start and how to do it. Life’s a Peach LinkedIn coaching shows you how to use LinkedIn to find, connect and engage with potential customers, the process covers:


This is the first step, it shows how powerful LinkedIn can be, the breadth of opportunities, the etiquette, principals and the why do it. The aim is as a result of this first section the participants will be motivated to get the best from their LinkedIn profile.


The second step is by far the most involved. Under the profile section I will cover:

•             Great headline – the attention grabbing first impression, what you can do for your customer

•             Compelling summary – the detail, but it is personal and interesting

•             Evidence – prove what your summary claims, testimonials  and recommendations

•             Applications – some of the cool free stuff Linked In offers

•             A few simple tips to sort out your profile



The number of relevant people you connect with is crucial to the effectiveness of LinkedIn, this section looks at tips and ideas on how to find and effectively connect with the right people and enough people in order to build you network to the level where you can reach out to your target

Connecting and engaging

The pay off, if you have built the right profile and a large enough relevant network then here is where I will show you how to leverage these connections and create a list of potential contacts, how to network your way to them and the golden nugget – to ask for a phone conversation!

The whole course is how to effectively use the free version of LinkedIn so there is no need to upgrade to the premium version

The training can be run 1-2-1 or in a group, for more details or a chat call 01295 203062 or 

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