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The most valuable asset to most companies is its existing customer base. There are many pieces of research that illustrate the cost of customer acquisition. Thus it is obvious that we should invest heavily in keeping those customers. I have mentioned many times that under promising and over delivering is one of the best ways to achieve that, the other is to keep your customers informed.

I know I find it immensely frustrating when I have to chase a supplier. It has been proven that customer have more loyalty to a company that successfully resolves a complaint than one they have never had cause to complain about. I however would suggest that by making the effort to call/email/text a customer and keep them informed is even more powerful.

In today’s world of so many forms of instant messaging it takes such a short time to contact a customer and keep them informed that it is unacceptable that we don’t. I recall when selling advertising a new customer had bought a full page ad, which was printed with mistakes, because I called him before he saw it to apologise and rectify the problem, he became a very loyal customer. It works, and a telephone call, of if at all possible face to face meeting, is by far the most effective.

So my advice, invest a little more of your time communicating with your existing customers and reap the benefits! If you would like more information, or advice on how to implement this in your organisation feel free to email

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