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Do you speak fluent customer?


I am currently wading through a novel which is disappointing because it written by an ex-military author who assumes I understand his jargon, which makes an otherwise engaging book a bit of a struggle. 


So imagine how your customers feel when you drop into jargon, especially if it is business jargon, and they feel they should understand.

It is one of the most frustrating experiences when you are met by an otherwise well-meaning salesperson who lapses into jargon and acronyms. I suspect many otherwise intelligent people are left feeling inadequate and consequently become agitated and become disengaged. It is therefore incumbent upon you as the salesperson to learn how to speak fluent customer! A language that is both complex and remarkably inconsistent. Despite this you need to make sure the language is appropriate to the person you are addressing, it is not patronising (even more likely to offend) or littered with jargon, but still relaxed natural and engaging. Who said sales was easy!

If you want to know how to speak customer and all the other complex and challenging barriers that can get in the way of helping your customers solve their problems email


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