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mark-804938_640Sometimes the most obvious advice is overlooked, and sometimes we forget the obvious, and loving your customer is that obvious advice that we often forget. It is well documented that finding new customers is much more expensive than retaining existing customers, and obvious that happy customers will be more likely to buy more from you and more often. Given all of this the obvious question is why do customers experience shoddy service? Why do so many businesses fail to offer fantastic service?


There are easy ways to improve the experience your customers receive, and checking which you can improve on can really help the way your customers perceive your business. Just some ideas include:

  • Under promise and over deliver. Amazon is great at setting very realistic expectations on delivery, and often the parcels arrive before you anticipate, leading to happy customers.

  • Respond to calls and emails rapidly. Automated replies are simply frustrating, but a personal response (even if it is just to acknowledge the issue and set an expectation as to when the issue will be resolved, or the question answered)

  • Keep up to date records, a customer feels loved if you remember what they bought last time, or a small detail they mentioned in passing

  • Always be honest. Admitting when you have made a mistake is the most powerful way to build trust.

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