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Love your customer

mark-804938_640Sometimes the most obvious advice is overlooked, and sometimes we forget the obvious, and loving your customer is that obvious advice that we often forget. It is well documented that finding new customers is much more expensive than retaining existing customers, and obvious that happy customers will be more likely to buy more from you and more often. Given all… Continue reading

Do you want to keep hold of your customers?


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I was reading an article this week about another ‘Winter Wonderland’ having to close its doors because it failed to live up the promised ‘little bit of Lapland on your doorstep’. The disappointment of plenty of excited kids and anger of parents who had paid out significant amount of money was again something that… Continue reading

Do you speak fluent customer?


I am currently wading through a novel which is disappointing because it written by an ex-military author who assumes I understand his jargon, which makes an otherwise engaging book a bit of a struggle. 


So imagine how your customers feel when you drop into jargon, especially if it is business jargon, and they feel they should understand.

It is one of… Continue reading

I didn’t even know you existed!




Many business owners are frustrated that despite expensive and time consuming marketing campaigns they are regularly greeted with something like ‘I didn’t even know you existed’! However it is worth listening to the end of that sentence, as it often ends ‘until I needed..’ and it is human nature to only see what we want.

“We’ve gone from… Continue reading

Proper preparation prevents……………..

I’ll let you finish the famous phrase, however when you are approaching a customer (especially for the first time) if you fail to prepare I feel you are insulting them.


In today’s world of social media and the internet it is easy to research people and businesses, it takes a few clicks to find a website, a facebook page, a… Continue reading

Solve the problem, make the sale

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I am a little unforgiving of the habit many businesses have of getting excited about their product. I remain shocked that otherwise sensible people think that their customers have an unfulfilled ambition to pass their hard earned money over. A little harsh maybe, but to spend most of your sales pitch decrying the features of your product, a website dedicated to the… Continue reading

Communication, the key to customer delight!


The most valuable asset to most companies is its existing customer base. There are many pieces of research that illustrate the cost of customer acquisition. Thus it is obvious that we should invest heavily in keeping those customers. I have mentioned many times that under promising and over delivering is one of the best ways to achieve that, the other… Continue reading

Are you set for success?

outdoor workingMany businesses find summer a quiet time, with some people on holiday, a bit of a penchant for taking shorter days when the sun is shining and others covering for absent workers it can be a little harder to find new business and get in front of decision makers. If your business suffers from this the summer is the time… Continue reading

Under Promise and Over Deliver

It never fails to amaze me how few organisations get this. The easiest piece of customer management is to set expectations you can easily exceed. If you promise to deliver on Tuesday and it arrives on Monday your customer is delighted, if you promise to arrive before 1pm and are there at 9.30 they are over the moon, it… Continue reading

Martins sales tip’s

Without taking risks you can never achieve results, almost all winners have been and will be losers

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