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Stop making decisions for your customer!

I have had a few discussions with my clients recently where I have challenged perceived wisdom and been told that the customers won’t do that! I must admit I find this attitude hard to understand, why do so many people feel they have the right to make decisions for their customers? The same people who are often incensed when decisions… Continue reading

Walking a mile in your customer’s shoes

When working with my clients, one of the recurring themes is around understanding the compelling reason that they would have to buy a product.

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This is important as your job, as as salesperson or company owner is to start the momentum that leads to the action if buying from you. Usually the easiest course for your prospective customer is not to change… Continue reading

Is there a place for altruism in business networking?

networking image from curtosey of js creationzs
        image from curtosey of js creationzs 

How often have you been to a networking event, listened to a boring, uncharismatic speaker and felt you have got nothing from it?

There are often a number of reasons for lack of success at networking, one of the most common is having no SMART targets (but that is… Continue reading

Low cost motivation

motivationWhen managing a sales team one of the biggest challenges is maintaining energy and motivation levels amongst the individuals. Most sales teams have a bonus or commission structure based on big hairy goals, and most sales people are motivated by success, and the financial rewards this brings, although often in that order. However, on occasions, those goals are a long… Continue reading

Not a salesperson – who are you trying to kid?

When I tell people what I do one of the most common reactions is to tell me that they are not a salesperson, and just couldn’t do it. This is often based on the common misconception that salespeople make you buy something. This comes from the fantasy ‘brow beating’ close or just going on and on until the prospect caves in! Although… Continue reading

Who set’s your price you or your team?

As a business owner you spend a lot of time designing the right product and then setting a pricing strategy. You will have chosen your pricing for a reason, and at the time it was completely rational, and worked. Having set the right product at a rational price you probably found the ideal target and got on with selling and… Continue reading

Martins sales tip’s

Without taking risks you can never achieve results, almost all winners have been and will be losers

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