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When was the last time you were sold at?

Maybe it was one of those wonderful cold calls you just couldn’t get off the phone, maybe you went to make a simple enquiry, or possibly you got an insistent salesperson in your office or home?

It’s just horrible, uncomfortable and wrong.

Conversely when was the last time you bought something?

Was it something you had been saving up for, was it a big purchase you had been planning for ages, did you finally find an item you had been looking for, or was it just one of those spur of the moment ‘I have to have this’ buys.

Feels good, a little naughty sometimes, but generally a thoroughly pleasant experience.

Hi I’m Martin and Director at Life’s a Peach, I have been in sales for too long to mention, but never sold to a customer. My eureka moment came at a Christmas Party when once as a new but highly successful sales person I shocked my sales manager by admitting to a director that I couldn’t sell, she relaxed when I went on to admit that a large number of prospects buy from me.

Life’s a Peach sales process is about helping you to understand how to move from uncomfortable selling to enabling the right people to buy from you. It is more advanced than the sales training, although follows the same premise, we will help you discover:

·         Your core target audience (your George)

·         How to effectively find that audience and minimise cold calling

·         How to understand your buyer, and ensure that your service really matches your buyer

·         How to turn down the wrong buyers to build your reputation

·         How to help your buyer access the best solution and take the order in a way that is comfortable for you and them

Our process may not be for everyone, so we offer a simple ½ hour meeting to decide if we want to work together, this is free of charge, if you would like to book you meeting call             01295203062       now, or fill out the contact page now.


‘We drafted Martin in to help us with our sales technique. From the start he was able to identify our USPs and pinpoint our sticking points. He developed a sales plan specifically for our target audience and our new sales focus and confidence has enabled us to have conversations with people we never thought possible! Thank you Martin.’

Clare Kiddell Avatar Creative

Martins sales tip’s

Without taking risks you can never achieve results, almost all winners have been and will be losers

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