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At Life’s A Peach we are dedicated to delivering bespoke solutions to our customers, and often this means delivering group training. We are happy to provide Sales Training to groups from raw recruits; existing employees who need to become more aware of sales in their current role; to seasoned veterans who need a refresher.

Although most of our training is bespoke to your company, sometimes you just require a simple solution and to facilitate that we offer two pre-designed courses:

Basic sales training
This course is designed primarily to deliver to teams whose role is changing where the aim is to support them into taking more responsibility for increasing the revenue into the business. The course is an introduction into the understanding that selling is not always about hard closing or manipulation, the course aims to illustrate that sales is about helping your customers achieve their goals, and access you’re the most appropriate of your products.
The course is a half day course usually delivered at your place of work and is most suitable for a group of up to 8 employees. The course will cover:
·         Selling, what and why, an introduction to sales and an explanation about how, when used correctly, it can be used to help you solve a problem.
·         Engaging your customer, understanding their need and using simple questioning techniques.
·         Closing the sale, techniques for helping your customer achieve their goal of buying from you.
The course can be adapted to the specific requirements of your organisation if required.

Investment £399 plus VAT (this excludes venue catering and any amendments to the course)

Advanced sales training
This course is designed for a team who are already involved in selling, but need a refresher or to be taken to the next level. The course will review and brush up existing skills and help grow the skill sets of even the most established of the team. Using the concept that the role of a sales person is facilitating a customer to buy from your organisation the course will cover:
·         Identifying the perfect customer, who he/she is, a clear description of the problem they have and then where to find them.
·         Engaging your customer, questioning skills, building rapport, credibility and really understanding the customer’s unique problem.
·         Solution presentation and closing, how to ensure that you have used the information you have gleaned from the engaging process to present a customer focussed solution, and how to naturally lead that on to closing, objection handling and negotiation.
·         Customer retention and growth, how to make sure that the hard earned customer remains a customer and their investment with you grows.
The course is a one day course and can be adapted to specific requirements.

Investment £599 plus VAT (excluding venue hire, catering and any course amendments)

If you would like more information on the above courses or a bespoke solution for your business or an informal meeting to decide if this is the right route for your business please call                        01295302062       .

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