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Business Conference Centre Management

Do you have a premises you would like to develop as a serviced office or conference centre?

We have a team who are extraordinary at conference centre management and are able to manage your premises, sales to prospective tenants, facilities installation and maintenance and able to liaise across the supply chain to support you to maximise revenue. We can manage your relationship to develop strong stakeholder engagement from local businesses as well as local authorities.

We are able to bring your business to the heart of the local business community, and through championing your business within local business networks we can utilise maximise take up of office space, whilst developing robust working relationships.

We can also bring your venue alive through planning major events, please see our events page for events management.

Too many voids?

Is your premise not returning what you anticipated? We can help develop a sales strategy and put in place the team to find you tenants that can optimise profit.



Martins sales tip’s

Without taking risks you can never achieve results, almost all winners have been and will be losers

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