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I am a little unforgiving of the habit many businesses have of getting excited about their product. I remain shocked that otherwise sensible people think that their customers have an unfulfilled ambition to pass their hard earned money over. A little harsh maybe, but to spend most of your sales pitch decrying the features of your product, a website dedicated to the wonder of your widget to me is a chronic waste.


If alternately you were  to spend just a little time understanding the problems your customer experiences and solve it you would be amazed at how much more interested your potential customers are. No one wakes up in the morning with a burning desire to blow cash at their accountants, but often stay awake at night worrying about how to pay the bills. SO why not shout about offering a way to sleep better, that’s what they want! Business owners don’t decide that the conference centre is suddenly a deserving cause; they just know that they prefer to spend a little on wowing that customer, so conference centres are in the business of making an incredible impression on their customer’s customers.


Time to stop waxing lyrical about the features, the advantages and the benefits, just find the problem, the one that really matters, and solve it! If you would like more information, or advice on how to implement this in your organisation feel free to email


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