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Under Promise and Over Deliver

It never fails to amaze me how few organisations get this. The easiest piece of customer management is to set expectations you can easily exceed. If you promise to deliver on Tuesday and it arrives on Monday your customer is delighted, if you promise to arrive before 1pm and are there at 9.30 they are over the moon, it is obvious.  Despite this too many organisations fail to deliver on their promises!

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If you set three policies:

  1. Don’t make a promise/estimated delivery before you stop and think. Taking a short time to gather all the required information and just ensure you have added a little wriggle time, and you will set so much more achievable expectations.
  2. Always over estimate how long it will take. Simple and easy (don’t over cook it and lose a sale) but giving yourself an extra hour/day/week shouldn’t lose the sale as long as your proposition is  strong enough
  3. Communicate if something goes wrong. If you called your customer a few days before you were due to deliver to say there is a problem they will be so much more forgiving than if you call after the event, or even worse they have to call you.


You will have created an organisation that can be relied upon, and one that will get the best possible word of mouth advertising.


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Without taking risks you can never achieve results, almost all winners have been and will be losers

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